(Digital Process / Robotic Process Automation)

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(Digital Process / Robotic Process Automation)

Automate one or more tasks within a process, with intelligence and automation that make real difference

It’s all about your work…
Just you and your Bots


Use all digital help you can get

Bots are your best peers with no hard feelings about any kind of dummy or intelligent work in your digital transformation quest

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With DPA/RPA approach in our Transformify platform your business can:

Automate all repetitive tasks within your process that require any kind of human intervention check

Make microflows and bots with basic or advanced logic that meets complexity of any kind and can respond to various events check

Get extra in-built AI-driven help or from any third-party provider to give cognitive and business intelligence to your microflows or bots check

Connect all internal or externals systems with smooth integration check

Eliminate errors and accidents as a result of manual routine work that is ”killing” your employees check

Boost employee productivity and customer satisfaction with minimal effort and budget check