Where digital transformation matters

The main responsibility of the modern universities lies in training high-skilled graduates who will work in a digitally transformed societies as well as those who will shape the digital transformation in the future.

One way that universities are meeting this challenge is to change the way they teach and accept new innovative and digital learning environments that promote real problem-solving experience which students can put into real practice.

We know that digital transformation depends on technology, people, culture, and processes.
As a provider of technology for innovation we are aware that it has extraordinary power, but technology alone is not the answer.
We believe that people are the most important, because they are the ultimate beginning of everything else.

We at Transformify, are on mission to accelerate the digital transformation of the world and we want to partner with you, to work on people skills that will help us to make this happen.


can make easy and fast setup of classrooms, labs, or a hackathon events with lot of project environments that students and professors can access from anywhere, any time.


can learn, practice and innovate various aspects of the digital transformation by working in interdisciplinary teams and creating advanced software and SaaS businesses.

Incredibly easy and fast setup for entire university, college, institute, departments, classrooms, labs and hackathons.

Only one main Partner onboarding

you are free to organize your organization with structural units. Easily bring your organization structure in place and don’t worry about number of colleges, departments, labs and classrooms.

Isolated and dedicated cloud capacity

complete technology stack delivered as SaaS that will save you buckets of time and frustration.

Complete user and project management

you can easily add/remove users or project environments as you need.

Keep your secrets safe

it can run on Windows, Macs and Linux machines only with browser and internet access) so you can spend less time setting students up and more time teaching.

Complete control over project environments

assign standalone project environment to single student or team of students with simple invitation process.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

you can create cross-functional teams from business and IT students, to train them for real collaboration and work scenarios on common projects.

No Licenses! No user, seat, device or any kind of license.

Add as many users as you need

add students, professors, assistants, support staff, devices, structural units, organizations and projects without any license restrictions.

Permission to use Transformify anywhere!

your users are permitted to use Transformify anywhere, on site or at home as long as they have browser and internet access.

Launch complete environment for business and IT undergraduates / postgraduates to learn and practice:

Fundamentals of enterprise software/system design, DevOps and cloud native architecture

Data models, Identity management, data backup/restore, environment isolation (dev, stag, prod), capacity management/scaling, service uptime etc.

Agile development, teamwork and cross-functional collaboration

Team members with core profiles (Admin, Business, IT, Trust, QA, ML)

No-Code principles and tools that are essentials for business profiles like business and system analysts

Visual UI design with WYSIWYG editors, model driven development (MDD), intelligent business process management (iBPM), digital process automation (DPA), workflow and rule engines, integration connectors etc.)

Low-Code essentials for IT profiles like software, system, network or DevOps engineers

Rapid application/API development (RAD), extensibility and various automations for code generation, resource provisioning, Quality Assurance, and machine learning. Transformify is built on the latest .NET5 (NET6 coming soon) technology stack, which students can extend with custom C# code or bring some of the thousands of available open-source packages from Nugget Gallery to go beyond platform limitations.

System trust around privacy, security and compliance which are essential for legal/audit profiles like data protection / compliance officers and auditors

Data residency, PII classification, data/log retention periods, GDPR, cookie policy, access restrictions (user/network), secrets (key/certificates), encryption (symmetric / asymmetric), security hashing, data masking etc.

Fundamentals of SaaS innovation, business and key metrics

Complete technology and business stack to successfully launch their own SaaS, from development up to go-to-market with Transformify SaaS Marketplace.


Partner eligibility

You must be accredited public or private university/college in your country/state.
Your courses must count towards a degree at 2-year, 4-year, or post-graduate studies.
You must embrace digital transformation, digital innovation or SaaS ecosystem in some of your official course curriculums, in any of the following aspects: technology, business, processes, compliance, people and culture.
You must embrace digital transformation, digital innovation or SaaS ecosystem in some of your official course curriculums, in any of the following aspects: technology, business, processes, compliance, people and culture.
You must confirm your initial partner dedication with monetary commitment for 1 yearly SCALE subscription plan.
To retain your partner status, you must renew it each year, with the appropriate discount you have based on your partner level.­
You must make Transformify partner reference in some of your marketing and promotional materials in accordance with Partner Agreement.


Earn partner level badges, unlock even higher discounts and various partner benefits

Status badge

This is an entry status badge earned when you are eligible, and you join Transformify Education Partners

Honorary level badge

This is entry level badge, earned when you join Transformify Education Partners early (in first 6 months after our launch)

Honorary level badge

This is entry level badge, earned when you join Transformify Software Partners early (in first 6 months after our launch)

Partner requirements

Education Partner Early Partner Silver Partner Gold Partner
Subscription plan commitment
30% discount
50% discount(lifetime)
40% discount
50% discount
Educational Impact
(number of included students)
- - > 500 > 1000
Educational Expertise
(number of Transformify Certified Trainers)
- - min 3 min 5

Partner benefits

Discount for subscription plan and additional cloud capacity spending 30% discount %50 discount (lifetime) %40 discount %50 discount
Cloud capacity can be shared and utilized for many projects
(add additional capacity only when you need, or you identify certain performance bottlenecks due to many projects or users)
Free online courses and free professional Transformify Certification
(planned in our Transformify Academy roadmap)
Partner resources
(blog, newsletter educational/marketing materials, case studies, webinars, annual Transformify Conference)
Customized Transformify consultancy
(our education experts will help you to adapt your course curriculums to Transformify in order your students to get the best educational value)
- -
Dedicated Partner Success Manager
(responsible to drive adoption and the success of your partner program)
- -
Dedicated Partner Success Manager
(responsible to drive adoption and the success of your partner program)


(valid till 15 March 2022 for all Partner types)

We work on product development, marketing, PR, sales, community, customer feedback and corporate social responsibility, but we know that for our rapid growth and world impact we must make significant changes in a short period of time…

We need your help to start Transformify revolution! Up for the challenge?

Give us your early partner trust and confidence, earn your honorary Transformify Early Partner badge and don’t miss various exclusive and lifetime benefits reserved for our early partners.

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1. Create user profile

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Anyway, you must have a valid Transformify account to proceed further.

2. Create Partner Center

In the modal enter the Name of your organization, select SaaS or Solution Provider form the Software Partner options and click Create Partner Center button.

3. Complete your Partner Onboarding

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