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Low-Code integrated cloud platform for digital transformation that provides cloud infrastructure, development studio, and SaaS marketplace.

It provides right cloud native technology for innovation and productivity to collaborate, develop, test, iterate and deliver faster.

In general:

  • provides dedicated and scalable cloud environment
  • turns more people into developers with visual tools and editors
  • enables professional developers to code less but do more with a great framework
  • delivers a great foundation for intelligent process automation and rapid development
  • provides monetization for innovative solutions and a chance to start a true SaaS business in our marketplace

Our platform is completely agnostic and suitable to create enterprise-grade web software of any complexity for:

  • every industry (Banking, Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing Real Estate, Telecom, Health, Tourism, Education, Public Administration).
  • every type (Customer Relationship Management, Contact Management System, Document Management System, Enterprise Content Management, Human Resources Systems, Intranet/extranet portals.
  • every relationship (B2C, B2B, B2G, G2C, and G2B).

It really depends on the size and complexity of your projects, as well as the team size included in the development process. Our predictions are few weeks, as our Platform:

  • engages the complete software team with a great environment of multidisciplinary features for the business domain experts, professional developers, security experts, quality assurance, and machine learning experts.
  • goes beyond the usual expectations for development and delivery in the .NET world with a cloud development environment (Transformify Studio) that is driven by the source code generation, on-the-fly dynamic compilation, and NuGet package installation in runtime.
  • delivers an innovative concept of 2-way work synchronization for the best team collaboration. No-Code features automatically generate real C# source code in Git repository that immediately becomes available to professional developers for work in Transformify Studio, or any other development environment like Visual Studio, VS Code, or Rider.

To accelerate your acquaintance with the Platform and minimize the learning curve, we provide short tutorial videos for the key modules, and product documentation.

No-Code features are aimed mostly for business users (citizen developers) that do not have any experience with coding but have domain specific knowledge and expertise. Here, the traditional programming has been replaced by easy-to-use drag-n-drop tools and visual editors that “speak” natural business language.

On the other side, Low-Code features are utilized by professional .NET and C# developers to use their expertise and coding skills in handling any kind of application complexity or limitation.

No! We proudly say that we're a Microsoft-only platform.

Transformify platform is built on the core belief that the complete ecosystem around C#, .NET framework, and Azure are the most powerful technologies for digital transformation at the moment and in the future. Not Java / Spring, Javascript / Node.js, AWS, Google Cloud, or anything else.

This means that you are on our waiting list, and hopefully, you will receive your invitation soon. No matter how much we would like to accelerate our fast growth, at the moment, we are only a startup company with limited resources.

Considering that we are B2B oriented company, we will always put a priority on qualified decision-makers, influencers, and end-users from existing known companies that work primarily with Microsoft technologies.

Currently, we are in Private Preview, and we plan to make an official launch in February 2022.

No. Transformify is the complete application-Platform-as-as-Service which means we are delivering a complete end-to-end solution for your digital transformation: cloud infrastructure, development studio, and SaaS Marketplace.

Transformify Studio is available only as a cloud IDE. If you are a professional developer and you need more advanced features you can clone your project Git repository and work with Visual Studio, VS Code, or Rider on your local machine.

We follow standard Semantic Versioning with a standard 3-component number in the format of Major.Minor.Patch.

The leftmost number in the Studio versioning denotes a major version, which may cause backward compatibility problems.

We have a transparent roadmap based on official .NET versions with Long Term Support.

This means that the major Transformify Studio versions will become available in 3 months after official .NET LTS version.

.NET 6 in November 2021
Studio v1.0.0 based on .NET 6 in February 2022 (initial release)

.NET 8 in November 2023
Studio based on NET 8 in February 2024

.NET 10 in November 2025
Studio based on .NET 10 in February 2026

The middle number denotes a minor version for the release of new functionalities in the Studio, that is backward compatible. Please check our features roadmap for more details.

The rightmost number in the Studio versioning denotes a patch version. Bug fixes and security vulnerabilities will be fixed with patches on regular basis and as soon as possible.

Transformify Portal and SaaS Marketplace will have multiple daily deployments, and all new versions will become automatically available to you.

On the other side, you will need to trigger manual updates for every Transformify Studio instance in your projects, which means that you have ultimate control once the new version becomes available.

Unfortunately not. This is not something that we have in our mind, but we believe that we can think about it again.

In general, you will need paid monthly subscription plan for each project.
We will offer 3 main subscription plans: Start, Rise, and Scale that will offer complete single-tenant architecture for each project.

Each subscription plan will have different cloud capacity units, Studio features limitations, support, and Service Level Agreements.

We must go down to the rabbit hole to see why this is the fundamental decision in our platform and the core of our 3 main subscriptions plans.

In typical SaaS companies, the multi-tenant architecture is the best because it provides many advantages. In general, this means that the provider can offer the same application to all clients, and provide only separated databases, or even shared database in certain cases.

In Transformify:

  • Dedicated capacity - means that we will provision various Azure cloud native resources just for your project. In this way you will get a full control of your cloud capacity, and you will be able to add additional capacity units to scale as you need.
  • Single-tenant architecture - means that you will get separate applications, databases etc. for your development, staging and production environment.

Taking in account that with the dedicated capacity your project is already isolated from other projects or clients, with our single-tenant architecture we achieve the logical isolation between your project environments.

Our main premise for the pricing of our subscription plans is based on the fact that each project solution is different and requires a different level of resources.
We don't make simple analogies like large companies, large projects because we know that even you are a large company, in reality, some of your projects are small.

It's up to you to decide which plan is the most suitable for the start of each project and later on to upgrade/downgrade as needed.

We will break the entry barriers for small and medium companies with disruptive pricing and various provisioning options that will offer different ways to utilize cloud resources.
Of course, these options will also be available for large clients too.

Some options that we have in our minds are the following:

  • to share cloud capacity between existing projects in one logical organization container
  • to use shared cloud capacity (with other customers)
  • to use an in-app SQLite database, without the need to provide a complete database server.