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Model designer

Start with the ultimate beginning - Model Driven Development.
Design your database tables or C# models with No-Code and Low-Code features, based on your needs, professional expertise or preference

  • Connect to your existing database to scaffold your database tables in no time.
  • Create your database with visual model designer and relationship wizard that will help you to create your database tables and associated relationships without any hassle.
  • Use advanced in-built code editor with rich C# and JSON IntelliSense validation to create entity models from JSON or pure C# models with custom methods.
  • Get auto-generated API (DTOs) request/response model for every database model that you can use to speed up your development without any additional effort.
  • Define data generators with rules for random dummy data generation that can be used to fill your database for development purposes.
  • Create your development DB Data, with manual data entry, from existing data generators, JSON and CSV imports.

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Transparent roadmap based on .net versions
with long term support

Transformify Studio major versions in 3 months after official .NET LTS version

.NET 6 in November 2021
Studio v1.0.0 based on .NET 6 in February 2022 (initial release) check

.NET 8 in November 2023
Studio based on NET 8 in February 2024 check

.NET 10 in November 2025
Studio based on .NET 10 in February 2026 check