Our team

We are a small but high achievable multi-functional squad of transformians where each member is open-minded, positive, and proactive with a common goal - to accelerate the digital transformation of the world. We foster a culture of delivery where employees are encouraged and they are given a complete freedom to identify, work alone or in a group, and deliver solutions to various problems.

We are family-like team
with the ultimate goal to win
We aim to spread our visions
only to accomplish further missions.

We are built on respect and mutual trust
and never quit, that we must
We continuously grow
because improving is all we know.

We are a squad of

We nurture a family-like working environment with informal culture and a workplace built on respect, common goals and open communication. A comfortable workplace where learning never stops, thanks to the team members who help and mentor others. Transformians continuously upskill and grow into a better squad. We always thrive to have positive attitude so that we can improve the energy in the team. One thing our squad is not lacking for sure is the creativity which encourages new ideas.

The core values that guide how we work,
behave and how we make decisions.

We believe and stand for

We believe that now is the time to democratize software and system engineering so that creating advanced software is available for anybody, not just for real engineers. We are fundamentally committed to make this happen.

We think and dream big

We inspire our team to be open-minded, positive, and see opportunity in the big picture every day. We are here to make a real difference and challenge everything on our way to make global impact.

We change and innovate

We are agile in everything we do and respond to changes with rapid speed. We shake all things up in the quest for something new that will bring amazing experience and value to our customers and community.

We measure and evaluate

We make data informed decisions relying on data and people. We know that there is no chance of winning without risk and because of that, we always take the smart and calculated risk in everything we do.

We respect and support

We honor you the most - our customers, employees, investors, partners, and society by going beyond your expectations in our interactions with you. We do our best for you to be happy by always being honest, transparent, and dedicated in our work.

We work and collaborate remotely

We are dedicated to build a globally distributed company with a “remote-first” mindset where everyone works from the location of their choice, focusing on results, not on long spent hours.