We need investors to join our Transformify revolution!

We are on an active quest for investors that can bring extraordinary strategic value, together with the required venture capital.
Our potential investors should bring proven SaaS funding experience, access to the latest technology and industry insights, various domain expertise and best-in-class B2B experts, brand awareness, global reputation, joint selling, customer access (Fortune 500), a strong network of portfolio companies, and many other that “money can’t buy”.

To turn some of our vision in reality, by 2025 we will accomplish the following company goals:

  • Become the first and default option for Low-Code platform in the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Become a serious market challenger that will shake up a lot of sleeping giants out there.
  • Achieve financial stability with reasonable revenue traction and venture capital.
  • Create the best remote team with professionals from all around the world.
  • Create strategic partnerships that will make some things smarter and easier for us on the long run.

We're already backed by an amazing institution

Recognized as innovative with strong growth potential and co-financed by the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development by the Macedonian Government.