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Core modules with features to engage your complete software development team

Release center

Release your solution version to your target audience in one friendly DevOps experience.
Release to the staging environment and make your development progress visible for User Acceptance Testing, and afterward reveal it to your real end-users by releasing it to the production environment.

  • Automatically run your active QA automation tests and approve/reject releases based on your preferences.
  • Select existing local identity users from the development environment that will also be transferred to your staging or production environment if needed.
  • Initialize your solution for the Publish Center in the Transformify Portal from where you can finally publish it to our Transformify SaaS Marketplace.

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Transparent roadmap based on .net versions
with long term support

Transformify Studio major versions in 3 months after official .NET LTS version

.NET 6 in November 2021
Studio v1.0.0 based on .NET 6 in February 2022 (initial release) check

.NET 8 in November 2023
Studio based on NET 8 in February 2024 check

.NET 10 in November 2025
Studio based on .NET 10 in February 2026 check