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Quality assurance center

Deliver solutions of high quality that are reliable and error free.
Test automation with No-Code rule testing, Test / Behavior Driven Development (TDD/BDD) and End-To-End (E2E) business process testing.

  • Create test containers and set acceptable pass rate to control publish process to staging/production environment.
  • Create features with Gherkin language where you can phrase the scenarios using Given/When/Then steps to create a shared understanding of how an application should behave, by being detailed enough for developers and testers while still making sense to business participants.
  • Use generator to create random dummy data (examples, samples or inline data) for your models which you use in your No-Code scenarios.
  • Create No-Code scenarios to validate your feature scenarios with any type of your created rules (evaluation, manipulation and filtering), dummy data and expected results.
  • Create Low-code scenarios (xUnit) tests cases with C# and use the most popular unit testing tool to work with familiar facts, theories and assertions.

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Transparent roadmap based on .net versions
with long term support

Transformify Studio major versions in 3 months after official .NET LTS version

.NET 6 in November 2021
Studio v1.0.0 based on .NET 6 in February 2022 (initial release) check

.NET 8 in November 2023
Studio based on NET 8 in February 2024 check

.NET 10 in November 2025
Studio based on .NET 10 in February 2026 check