The operations side of your digital transformation

Enterprise-grade tools and features to manage your overall cloud-native resources and activities.


Provision your business idea, innovation, prototype into web application. Displayed as container, the Project represents centralized place to steer all operations and related activities.

  • Get logical environment isolation (dev, stag and prod) for each Project in just few clicks, steps and minutes.
  • Freedom of choice to determine Project’s provisioning location within the available Azure data regions, thus comply with all mandatory requirements due to legal, regulatory, compliance, tax or policy reasons.
  • Administer your Project's subscription plan. Complete freedom to upgrade, downgrade, cancel or reactivate your plan at any time.
  • Manage and control project environments’ uptime. Start, stop and restart your Studio/Web Application and dedicated Identity Server.
  • Monitor infrastructure capacity, resource utilization, follow live metrics to take actions and scale on-time.
  • Invite, assemble, manage your development team and assign appropriate project roles according to domain expertise.
  • Increase security by implementing access restrictions and setting rules to your dedicated instance or each provisioned environment.
  • No-Code approach so everyone can create alerts and rule definitions. Create action groups and preferred channel to send notification alerts to the target audience for defined events affecting the Project.
  • Conduct audit and analyze all recorded events and activity logs.
  • White label the Project’s URL by adding and implementing custom domain.
  • Get highest industry compliance standards to keep your business / financial data, private and secure with our integrated third-party subscription provider and payment processor.

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